NVS - Noise and Vibration Simulator

The cork industry world leader Amorim, has selected Fullscreen as their design and digital partner for NVS product.

About Amorim Cork Composites

Belongs to Corticeira Amorim, one of Portugal’s largest industrial groups and has become the global cork industry world leader, its main business sector is grouped into four fields: stoppers, floor and wall coverings, insulation and composites.
At Amorim Cork Composites, we strive daily to reinvent the world: we recycle, reuse and reinvent entirely natural and organic materials. And thus do we invent a new world.

About NVS

NVS is a  Noise and Vibration Simulator, that alows you to calculate your project's acoustic performance, a  tool that aims to provide you with certified information on Amorim Cork Composites products, when combined with an array of complementary materials.